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David Wood is a relationship coach. He is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

He can support you to:

* Get through a relationship breakup

* Repair a broken relationship

* Find "Mr. Right" or
"Ms. Right"

* Expand your community of friends

* Have fun dating

* Deepen your relationship

* Ask for what you really

* Increase intimacy

* Increase your self-awareness in relationships

* Improve your sex life

* Create your relationship vision

David has now coached clients in 13 countries, and coached on national TV and radio.


"David, I am soooo loving the book!!! Because of it my relationship is improving all the time! I feel sorry for the guys who may never read this information."

Luke McDonald


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"At last! A Respectful, Step by Step Guide To Pleasuring a Woman - So That
You Both Have Wonderful Sex!"


"David, why did I not read something like this long ago? Your book has given me a lot of freedom in my relationship. Life at home is better than ever. Thanks!"

Terry Stormon


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In this sequel to 'The Truth About Women - What Every Man Must Know', you will learn how to apply the very same principles in a physical or sensual sense. Here we will look at a woman changing her mind moment by moment in bed, and at some new techniques you can use to work out what she wants from you in each moment, when she may not be sure of it herself. We'll also cover some very important points to understand about women and sex.

In this book you will learn the two most fundamental principles in the bedroom.

Here are two excerpts from the book:

The Focus of Pleasure

A Woman Sets the Ceiling


Excerpt 1

The Focus of Pleasure...

If your focus is on your pleasure, you will lose.

Now I'm sure many ladies reading this book are nodding their heads right now and saying, "It's about time!" Other women might be immediately confronted: "Oh no - our pleasure is equally important. I could never be so selfish."

But let's look simply at what works. What do you really want, men? To climax first, and then slink guiltily out of bed? Or have her climax four times, and then get you off better than you ever imagined?

The fact is, if a man 'gets off' and his woman doesn't, he'll feel guilty and may immediately distance himself in some way. AND - if she didn't get enormously turned on, then it can only be 'so exciting' for him anyway. A woman who remains 'unmoved' during sex is normally not considered very good in bed, while a woman who climaxes uncontrollably (and preferably noisily I might add) is considered unbelievable in bed. In fact, for a man it can be one of the highlights of his life! He gets to feel like he is amazing in bed - he has 'produced', and produced well!

Add to this the fact that this is such a turn-on to the man that he can come 2-10 times faster, and with a much stronger orgasm than with an unresponsive partner - and you have a compelling reason to focus on HER pleasure.

Think about it guys: can you remember an experience where you got to climax, but you know it wasn't much of an experience for her? How did that feel? Did you feel great about it? Did you feel like a great partner? Or was it on some level an empty experience? And think back to the most amazing sexual experience you ever had, where perhaps even the neighbors complained! Was she in a mild state of arousal, or was she very highly turned on? I mentioned in 'the Truth About Women' that 'a woman sets the ceiling on a man's happiness'. Well, it now seems that:

A woman sets the ceiling on a man's pleasure.



Excerpt 2

A Woman Sets the Ceiling...

A woman sets the ceiling on a man's pleasure.

Is this possible? How much power does a woman really have? If you think back to the times you have lost your erection, or couldn't get one, in each case do you believe your partner really, really wanted to have sex? Or was there possibly some feeling of obligation there? Is it possible that she didn't want you to have an erection at that time? If you lost your erection is it possible that she initially did want you to have it, but at some later point she no longer wanted you to have it? "Oh not at all - she was trying to get me hard the whole time. She said so!" Right.....

On the other hand, if she truly, authentically wants you to be pleasured because you have given her so much, her power can take you in the other direction. Remember that the More Institute reports that their men have been able to focus so much on their partners' pleasure, to be so in tune, than when the woman climaxes the man has also climaxed - without his penis being touched at all!

Now if a couple of you are still not 100% convinced that your focus should be off you, and on her, then consider this: if she started getting exactly what she wanted in bed - be it cuddles or climaxing or both - what do you think that would do to the number of times a month you make love? Would it go down? Or would it rise significantly?

And while we're at it, what do you think having a happy, pleasured, fulfilled woman around might do to your quality of life? Go down? More fights? Or go up? More peace, fun, love, laughter and sex?

The point is, YOU can either focus on yourself and have average sex (or no sex), or you can give her everything she wants, so that you both get fulfilled. The techniques in this section will show you how to pay attention even more closely, and how to give her just what she's looking for in each moment - sometimes before even she knows what that is.

OK - enough said. Are we all agreed that if she doesn't get pleasured, then you both lose? And that if she gets everything she wants in bed, you will be more than taken care of? Great! Then read on.....

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To your success,

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